Log directory was out of control today since we have been archiving for years now, decided to keep only the past 30 days.

I used the  find command to find your LOG files older then 30 days and then execute rm command on them.

find /path/to/files/ -type f -name '*.LOG' -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \;

  • First part is the path where your files are located. Don’t use wildcard * if you have a lot of files because you will get Argument list too long error.
  • Second part -type is the file type f stands for files
  • Third part -name is limiting *.LOG files
  • Fourth part -mtime gets how many days the files older then will be listed. +30 is for files older then 30 days.
  • Fifth part -exec executes a command. In this case rm is the command, {} gets the file list and \; closes the command