/etc­/yu­m.c­onf YUM config­uration file
/etc­/yu­m/r­epo­s.d/ YUM drop in directory


yum list all list all installed and available packages
yum list glob_­exp­res­sion list installed and available packages matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum list installed glob_­exp­res­sion list installed packages matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum list available glob_­exp­res­sion list available packages matching glob_­exp­res­sion


yum install yum-ut­ils install yumdow­nloader
yumd­own­loader packa­ge download package
yum install yum-pl­ugi­n-d­own­loa­donlyinstall downlo­adonly plugin
yum install –down­loa­donly –down­loa­ddi­r=­dir­ectory packa­ge download package


yum groups summary show installed and available groups
yum group list glob_­exp­res­sion show package group matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum group info glob_­exp­res­sion show mandatory and optional packages in group
yum group list ids show package groups and IDs
yum group install group­_na­me install package group
yum group install group­id install package group with groupid
yum install @group install package group
yum group remove group­_na­me uninstall package group
yum group remove group­id uninstall package group with groupid


yum search term search for term in package name and summary


yum check-­upd­ate check for update
yum update packa­ge_­name update a single package
yum update update all packages and their depend­encies
yum update –secu­rity update securi­ty-­related packages
yum update­-mi­nimal –secu­rity update packages containing the latest security


yum info packa­ge_­name display info about package
yumdb info packa­ge_­name display info about package
yum info glob_­exp­res­sion display info about package matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum provides glob_­exp­res­sion display package that provides glob_­exp­res­sion


yum install packa­ge_­name install package and depend­encies
yum install packa­ge_­name packa­ge_­nameinstall multiple packages and depend­encies
yum install packa­ge_­nam­e.a­rch install package with specific archit­ecture
yum install glob_­exp­res­sion install packages matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum install /path­/to­/fi­le install package which provides /path­/to­/file
yum install -n name install exact namepackage
yum install -na name.a­rc­hit­ect­ure install exact name.a­rc­hit­ecutre package
yum install -nevra name-­epo­ch:­ver­sio­n-r­ele­ase.ar­chi­tec­ture install exact name-­epo­ch:­ver­sio­n-r­ele­ase.ar­chi­tec­ture package
yum locali­nstall path install local package


yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager show current values of global yum options
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager secti­on show content of different config­uration option
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager glob_­exp­res­sionshow config­uration matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager –add-repo repo_­urladd a repository
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager –enable repos­ito­ryenable a repository
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager –enable glob_­exp­res­sion enable reposi­tories matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager –disable repos­ito­rydisable a repository
yum-­con­fig­-ma­nager –disable glob_­exp­res­sion disable reposi­tories matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum repolist all list enabled and disabled reposi­tories
yum repoinfo list reposi­tories
yum repolist -v list reposi­tories
yum repolist list reposi­tories


yum remove packa­ge_­name uninstall package


yum history list show twenty most recent transa­ctions
yum history list all show all transa­ctions
yum history list start­_id­..­en­d_id show transa­ctions in a given range
yum history list glob_­exp­res­sion show transa­ctions for a package
yum history sync synchr­onize rpmdb or yumdb database
yum history stats show overall statistics
yum history summary show summary of past transa­ctions
yum history summary start­_id­..­en­d_id show summary in a given range
yum history summary glob_­exp­res­sionshow summary matching glob_­exp­res­sion
yum history packag­e-list glob_­exp­res­sionshow transa­ctions from perspe­ctive of package
yum history summary id show summary of single transa­ction
yum history summary info id show info of single transa­ction
yum history info start­_id­..­en­d_id show info in a given range
yum history addon-info id show additional info for a transa­ction
yum history addon-info last show additional info for last transa­ction
yum history addon-info id infor­mat­ionshow selected type of inform­ation
yum history undo id revert a transa­ction
yum history redo id redo a transa­ction
yum -q history addon-info id saved_tx > file_­name store transa­ction detail to file
yum load-t­ran­saction file_­name repeat transa­ction from file_­name
yum history new start new transa­ction history


yum clean all clean orphaned packages
yum autore­move uninstall orphaned packages